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PA Sound and lighting hire

As Webber Discos continue to expand and be prepared for any and all venues and applications, we are now in a position to offer both our services for entertainment or a range of equipment for hire.


For our speakers there is a range of full way speakers JBL 15" speakers, FBT Bassbins, LD Maui line array systems and more. (the only way is quality)


Modern LED Lighting, moving fixtures and wash type along with various stands and controllers. LED Par bars, ADJ Sweeper beam quads, multiple other effect lights


Mixers and decks, CD and Midi for DJ use - Karaoke etc


Smoke & Haze machines


Flame machines


DJ Booth with built in Lighting trusses


Projectors front and rear projection type. (selection of screen sizes available)


As we continue to expand and re-invest tere will be other items available, Do you have a specific requirement you want to talk to us about - please do not hesitate to contact us on 07968482181