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10 questions to ask your DJ / Band


Hiring wedding professionals in Northern Ireland can be stressful, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we offer these questions for your band leader or DJ, just to get you started! Of course, the best way to make sure you’ll be happy with your entertainment decision is to start your search on free index, testimonials or marquee hire guide


1.    Is the band / DJ I heard, the band that will be playing?/ Will you personally be the DJ for our reception?

Some of the more popular bandleaders have more than one band, and some smaller bands may not have a steady roster of performers. You may fall in love with a singer or be impressed by a guitarist only to find out that the person you heard will not be part of the group playing at your wedding. Some DJs are so popular that they run a DJ service, hiring other DJs to perform under their company name. If you want a specific performer, make sure you are hiring that performer.


2.    What happens if your DJ or one of your band members is sick the day of our wedding?

There’s no right answer to this question, but your goal is to ensure that the performer is a professional and that you won’t be left without music for your reception. “I’ve never been sick so I don’t have a plan,” is not an acceptable answer.


3.    Can you tell me about something unexpected that happened at a wedding  at which you performed, how did you handle it?

Again, there’s no right or wrong answer here the goal is to find out if your performer can think on his or her feet and will be able to solve any problems that arise. This is also a question that will give you a good sense of your band leader or DJs personality.


4.    Have you ever performed at our venue in Northern Ireland before? Are there any issues we should know about it? If not, what sorts of things will you need to know about it?

Again, this question helps you assess the performer’s level of professionalism, and hopefully gives you some insight into your chosen venue.




5.    Do you have any equipment needs such as additional sound equipment due to the size of room, tables, chairs, lighting or linens?

You don’t want to set your budget only to discover another £300 worth of rentals for the band / DJ.


6.    Are set up and break down times included in your rate? Can we add additional time to the day of the wedding?

This information should be spelled out in the contract, but you want to know about it before signing the contract.


7.    What do you see as your role in the wedding reception?

Different band leaders and DJs have different philosophies. Some see themselves as party leaders, with a responsibility to get everyone out on the floor dancing. Others see their role as MC, and still others think they’re just there to play the music. Give some thought to what you want, and make sure to choose someone who matches your style.


8.    What will you and/or the band wear to the wedding?

If you have a certain ”look” in mind for your wedding you’ll want to make sure that the band fits that image. If you’re planning a casual, rock n’ roll event, you don’t want the DJ to show up in a tux.


9. Do you have references that we can call?

Hopefully you’ve used a trusted source like free index / marquee hire guide or another reputable source to find your band or DJ. If so, you can read online reviews, but it’s still a good idea to talk to a few people and get some recent, first hand experiences.


10. What’s your favorite artist or album?

Hey, this person is going to be a big part of your wedding day, you want to get an idea of who she is.

10 questions to ask your DJ / Band

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